Guru Dev Singh

Guru Dev SinghDr. Guru Dev Singh, for more than a quarter of a century, has combined the ancient Mayan, Toltec and Curandero traditions of Mexico with Kundalini Yoga and Yogic Healing. His center in Rome, Italy, is renowned for producing some of the finest healers in Europe.

Guru Dev Singh is the pre-eminent healer and teacher of Sat Nam Rasayan® and has been acclaimed in the Americas and Europe as one of the greatest healers of our time. Sat Nam Rasayan is a powerful and sophisticated healing art. It uses only the meditative consciousness to heal. Guru Dev Singh Ph.D. is the living master of this tradition. The University of Colombo awarded Guru Dev Singh an honorary doctorate for his achievements in complementary medicine. Guru Dev Singh has publised a book, Sat Nam Rasayan, The Art of Healing, about this healing art.

Guru Dev Singh was born in 1948 in Puebla, Mexico. Starting in 1978, he studied in the traditional way, the healing art of Sat Nam Rasayan ® from his teacher, Yogi Bhajan. In 1989, he traveled to Europe to teach Sat Nam Rasayan openly, according the wishes of his teacher Yogi Bhajan. He founded the School for Sat Nam Rasayan ® in Rome and the Foundation for SAT NAM Rasayan in Amsterdam.


GurmukhGurmukh, 67, is the co-founder and director of Golden Bridge Nite Moon, Los Angeles' and New York City's premier center for the study and practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. For four decades students in Los Angeles and around the world have sought out her classes in Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, and Prenatal and Post-Natal Yoga. Since being baptized 40 years ago with the Sikh spiritual name meaning, "One who helps thousands across the world ocean," Gurmukh has dedicated her life to fulfilling the destiny of her name. Gurmukh's book, The Eight Human Talents, has been a long-time yoga best-seller along with her many DVDs. Gurmukh founded Seva Corp., a nonprofit organization that supports many schools and orphanages in India, the U.S.A., Africa, Tibet, and Bhutan. She travels the world, training teachers in Kundalini Yoga, Khalsa Way Pre- and Post-Natal Yoga, Mommy & Me, and Toddlers' and Children's Yoga. As her Teacher Yogi Bhajan said, "We came not to gather students, but to create teachers." Gurmukh has been married for 28 years and has a 26-year-old daughter.

Deva Premal and Miten with Manose

Deva Premal and Miten with ManoseFor almost two decades, Deva Premal and Miten have shared their journey into love and creativity through their inspiring blend of song, mantra and meditation with a worldwide audience. They have released a string of acclaimed CDs with sales of a million, and their concerts and ecstatic chant workshops are met with rave reviews throughout Europe, Australia, Canada, South America and the United States. Their concerts and workshops are more than music – they are invitations to share in a deep moment of meditation.

Musically, Deva Premal and Miten come from two very different worlds. Deva, German-born, classically trained, grew up in an environment imbued with eastern spirituality, where mantras were chanted as bedtime lullabies. Miten, from England, spent the 60's and 70s as a singer/songwriter in the heady world of rock 'n roll, recording with The Kinks, and touring with Fleetwood Mac, Ry Cooder, Lou Reed, and others.

Their music transcends all the usual musical boundaries, with fans including rock icon Cher, motivational coach Tony Robbins, best selling author Eckhart Tolle and even His Holiness The Dalai Lama who, after hearing Deva & Miten sing for a private audience, exclaimed, “Beautiful music, beautiful…!”

During their tours, Deva and Miten are accompanied by Nepalese bansuri flute maestro Manose. Born in Kathmandu, Manose began his musical journey with a rigorous training in classical Indian raga. Later he brought the sound of the bansuri to many musical genres, from jazz to Celtic to being a founding member of the most popular rock band in Kathmandu. Since meeting Deva Premal and Miten in San Francisco, during a recording session for their 2002 Embrace album, Manose has performed extensively with them and is featured on many of their recordings.

Guru Singh

Guru SinghDr. Guru Singh, DD, MMS, is a yogi, teacher, writer, composer-musician, shaman, ordained minister, healer, and most importantly, as he says, "a family man", living in Los Angeles and sometimes in India, London and New Mexico. Living with his wife and children, his life exemplifies a delicate and vital balance; honoring family and personal commitments while maintaining his spiritual dedication to working with the people of this world.

Guru Singh was born into a yogic and spiritual household with his father, an original child of Christian Science and his mother, a student of the mysticism of India and Tibet. Yogananda became Guru Singh’s first teacher, setting the foundation of a spiritual life. In 1969, Guru Singh met and began a 35 year daily practice with the master of Kundalini Yoga, Yogi Bhajan.

Guru Singh also studied music from an early age. In 1966 Warner Bros. Records signed him as one of the earlier artists to release music in the peace movement. With his songs on the radio and TV nationwide, Guru Singh shifted focus, moving to southern Mexico where he spent the a year training with maraakame masters (shaman) in an ancient form of musical healing. Guru Singh’s music is a fusion of all the influences he has experienced in life from the eastern-meta-sciences of mantra and raga to the western rock and the indegenous rhythms. His discography includeds A Game of Chants with his friend and Grammy winner Seal, Chantz 2 iMPAct Earth with the students from the school (MPA) in India, and the two Guru Singh Experience albums. He has also published two books, Angels Gather Here and 108 Ways to Great Days. As a writer and musician, he has several projects under construction at all times.

Guru Singh’s teaching grew from two extraordinary events: an esoteric curiosity inspired by his family’s deep connection to the masters of India; and the blessing of being ready when these teachers appeared. It ultimately constructed his own teaching style, a fusion of the eastern-mystic-spiritualism, and enough western pragmatism to be completely relevant. This is how he has taught a path of personal awakening, enriched fulfillment, and spiritual liberation to tens of thousands of people globally since 1970.

Snatam Kaur

Snatam KaurSnatam Kaur is one of the most popular New Age artists of our time, selling over 70,000 albums a year. Snatam Kaur’s albums have topped New Age Retailer’s Top 20 lists every year since 2004. She was the only artist to have 3 albums in the Top 20 in a single year. Her albums have consistently ranked in the top 20 in both Indie New Age and Indie World Music on Amazon throughout 2009 and 2010. Her music can be heard around the world in venues from yoga studios to schools to Hollywood films and in the homes of her fans worldwide. An International phenomenon, her music has reached every corner of the globe from North America, Europe, Asia, and South America to Africa and the South Pacific, one fan spoke for all when he said, “We come to Snatam’s concerts to experience the beautiful atmosphere her voice creates, to heal and grow.”

You’ll find enthusiastic press about Snatam’s music everywhere from the Houston Chronicle to the Hindustan Times. She’s also been featured on the cover of new age publications such as the Light Connection and the Body Mind Spirit Guide. Snatam Kaur, whose father was a manager for the Grateful Dead, has an amazing ability to transform traditional chants into a contemporary sound that appeals to the modern ear yet awakens an ancient yearning in the soul. Sacred Sounds Radio calls her music “spiritually uplifting and deeply soul cleansing.” Ram Dass, celebrated author of Be Here Now, says that “in Snatam’s voice...there is purity, clarity, and love.” Snatam’s CDs Prem, Shanti, Grace, Anand, LIVE In Concert, Feeling Good Today! and Liberation’s Door are setting the industry standard for excellence in new age sacred music.

Dressed in distinctive Sikh clothing, Snatam Kaur embodies the Sikh message of strength through inner serenity. She is an ambassador for 3HO (a United Nations affiliate), and is deeply committed to supporting the U.N.’s Peace Resolution through her ongoing Sacred Chant Tour. She brings music, yoga and meditation to the communities she visits, as well as to hospices, juvenile detention centers, and schools she visits along the way.

Guru Dass Khalsa

Guru Dass KhalsaGuru Dass, a direct disciple of Yogi Bhajan (Kundalini Yoga) and Ramesh Balsekar (Advaita) began his spiritual quest as a teen, having his first Kundalini Yoga experience at the Woodstock Festival in 1969. By the time he was 18 he was living in an ashram and teaching Kundalini Yoga. At 20 he had traveled to India and studied with different masters. In the 70’s he pioneered Kundalini Yoga in Spain and Europe. For years Guru Dass accompanied Yogi Bhajan as his personal musician, in the US, Europe and India. He often played during his classes, bringing the gift of his music to Yogiji’s meditations. Since 2001 Guru Dass has been traveling, teaching and sharing his music all over the world. He has trained hundreds of Kundalini Yoga teachers thorugh courses he leads in different countries.

Now we have the opportunity of studying and chanting along with him in Rishikesh. Guru Dass is a teacher with the gift of the word, of speaking in a manner that frees the mind and opens the heart. His classes offer us a journey through Jnana, Shakti and Bhakti yoga, along with his mastery of mantra and chanting.

He presently lives in Chile and travels the world sharing his knowledge and music. He has recorded numerous mantra and spiritual song CDs. You can find his music at

Chardhi Kala Jatha

Chardhi Kala JathaThe Chardhi Kala Jatha consists of three musicians, Jugat Guru Singh Khalsa, Sada Sat Simran Singh Khalsa, and Hari Mander Jot Singh Khalsa. They sing classical Gurbani Kirtan in traditional raag as taught to them from the classical music master Ustaad Narinder Singh Sandhu. The Jatha travels the world playing gurbani kirtan at gurudwaras. They feel blessed to have played on many special occassions at the Golden Temple, Harimandir Sahib in Amritsar.


ShyamdasDevotional practitioner, author, and musician Shyamdas specializes in Indian classical Haveli Sangeet music and the mystic poets of North India. His programs combine ecstatic kirtan singing with stories and teachings from the path of devotion. He speaks from his background as a Vedic scholar and Sanskrit translator to share the philosophy of non-dual reality. Shyamdas gives performances and workshops internationally and at venues such as Omega Institute’s Ecstatic Chant, Ananda Ashram, Yogaville, Bhakti Fest, Jivamukti Yoga, etc. and collaborates and performs with Krishna Das, Deva Premal and Miten, Durga Das and Mira, and many others.

Shyamdas travelled to India in 1972 to meet Neem Karoli Baba, and then continued to explore the devotional Bhakti lineages of India under the tutelage of His Holiness Goswami Shri Prathameshji, his guru in the Pushti Marg: the Path of Grace. Shyamdas has lived in Vraj, the sacred lands of Shri Radha Krishna, for most of his life and has written and translated many books on devotional subjects.

Kartar Singh Khalsa

Kartar Singh KhalsaKartar Singh has been studying and teaching Kundalini yoga for more than 30 years. He studied directly with Yogi Bhajan for many years and is the creator of the "Aquarian Warrior" workshop. He also is a premiere teacher of Gatka - an ancient martial arts technique from India. Kartar Singh is the Director of the International Kundalini Yoga Academy, the Founder of the Golden Temple company in Spain and a member of the European Yoga Festival staff and teachers team. Residing in Spain, Kartar Singh is also a spokesman for the Spanish Sikh Religous Council.

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