Ashram Living

Etiquette, food and dress

I just noticed that the room & board fee is based on double occupancy. What if I really want a room by myself?
Because of the number of people expected for this event no single occupancy will be available at the Ashram.
What if I would prefer to stay elsewhere?
It will be up to you to find your own accomodations in Rishikesh if you are not staying at the ashram, and we will discount $108 from the total course fee. Please let Sat Puran know as soon as possible if you plan to do this.
What is the ashram lodging like?
Ashram living is not like staying at a hotel. It is very simple living. Each room has it's own bathroom, but hot water can be sporadic so you might want to practice taking cold showers before you come. (Cold showers are very good for you!)
Some people like to bring their own sheets and a pillow from home - it's not necessary, but it's nice to have a touch of home away from home. There is also a lovely fabric store near the ashram that sells bedsheets! Same with towels - the ashram provides basic sheets and towels, but you're welcome to bring your own.
Please remember, the ashram is not a hotel - there are no amenities and are no maids who clean every day - keeping your room tidy will be your responsibility. It's a simple, meditative living experience.
Is the food and water clean?
Drink only bottled water while in India. It is readily available. Do not drink water out of any tap. We suggest using bottled water to brush your teeth as an added precaution. The ashram has areas where they have water filter situations with safe water to drink.
If you have specific dietary requirements, such as a vegan or wheat-free diet, you can bring snacks with you. Please be aware that we cannot ask the ashram to prepare food for special diets, such as wheat-free or vegan. We can also direct you to many healthy eateries and vegetable and fruit stands outside the ashram once we are in India. As long as you buy fruit that has a peel on it, it will be fine to eat! Many vegans have travelled with us to India and had no problem finding delicious food to eat!
How should I dress once in India?
Modestly and with respect to the culture.
For women, do not wear clothes that are tight, transparent or show too much skin or underarms. This means no tank tops, halters or short t-shirts. We also discourage wearing jeans or slacks. Instead wear loose fitting, graceful clothes such as long skirts and Indian kirtas. This is to not only to show respect for the culture but so that you don’t draw unwanted attention to yourself.
Once in India there are many shops where you can purchase beautiful and inexpensive clothing to wear and to do yoga in.
For men we suggest khakis and Indian kirta shirts and no tank tops.
Because you'll be doing Kundalini Yoga every day, we recommend white or light colored clothing and a headcovering for the yoga classes.
Will my cell phone work? Is there Internet? How can I call home?
Most networks now have international options, though the cost of your calls may be expensive. Most carriers will unlock your phone for you, for international travel – please call your cell phone service provider for more information. You can also buy an unlocked/GSM phone online. This will enable you to purchase a SIM card/phone chip in India, which you insert in place of your U.S. SIM card. This allows you to dial home for a fraction of what it would cost you to use your locked phone from your carrier.
There are also plenty of phone offices in India with inexpensive rates if you choose not to bring a cell phone. In Rishikesh there are Internet cafes close to the Ashram. Just know that Internet service in India is very slow.

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